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mmm, sleep. sleep does wonders for you...

i need a shower. i need to do laundry and pack up for Boston tommorow. i need to figure out how caltrain works so i can get to the airport tommorow.. and then, if there's time, i should start in on cleaning and on what's going in my car in a couple weeks, what's getting shipped, and what's going to good will.

i don't have that much stuff, really, for someone who's 24. i don't have any furniture, save some plastic drawers, two bookshelves, a six foot folding table, and a director's chair. none of that, save the chair, is coming, as the cost of the items to replace them is negliable compared to the cost of moving them. besides, there isn't space in the new apartment for much of that. it's tiny. =]

(which reminds me, if anyone in the Bay Area is interested in any of the above items, they're yours for free, just come get them. i will be back in town on the 25th.)

things that have to go with me: clothes, though those are going to be thinned out and directed to goodwill. cds. books,. though those should prolly be thinned out too. blankets and towels and stuffed animals. Herbie, the spider plant, who has now made it safely through i can't count how many moves. (i got him the summer before i went to NCSSM, so he's moved in and out of um, 7 dorm rooms and apartments, with stops in between to my parents' house, all before i moved to UT.)

i'm not going to count how many times i've moved in the last few years. i don't want to think about the number. heck, i've had three addresses in the year i've been in cali.

i should stop rambling and start getting stuff done, eh?

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