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made it to portland safe and in one piece. i'm at chas's now, headed to cali tommorow.

oh, and in the "i rule" department, i found an apartment today. =] it's small and dinky, but it's fairly cheap, and it's mine, all mine. and it's only a two month lease, so if i end up with a job way far away from it or something, i won't suffer for too long.

i had a good time up in seattle, for the most part. they rock. i'm looking forward to moving, i think. i'm hoping that i get my head on straight about some stuff before i go back, because otherwise it's going to be a big pain in the ass. but i have two weeks, so it's all good... i've gotten over a lot worse.

time to go hang out with Chas and collapse, i'm a tired joyce.

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