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went down to pike street market with heather and adam. very very cool - lots of little shops, lots of good looking food (i will be going back there and getting seafood and veggies to cook once i have my own place), lots of flowers. got a couple of stems of flowers for the house, actually, to brighten the place up a bit.

as we were leaving the parking garage, adam offered to drive - i'd driven in. i told him no, i was fine, and we took off... he told me to take a left, and suddenly i saw why he'd offered to drive. =] three huge hills. three incidents of joyce stalling on said hills and then squeeling tires getting up the hill. so adam and heather got to deal with freaked out joyce driving. =/

other than that, it was fun. twas nice to get out. i'm feeling a lot more cheerful... course, all the hugs don't hurt either. y'all rock.

and now i think it's time to attempt a nap, so that i will be awake and aware and cheerful when the nightly invansion/dinner cooking starts in a couple hours...

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