joyce (joyce) wrote,

so, yea, weekend...

um, got in around nine friday night. got a burrito for dinner and fell over pretty shortly thereafter. i-5 is a georgeous drive, but it's long.

saturday was downtown portland - street fair, rose fest, then washington park, and a hike to the rose gardens. with the walking to the light rail, and through downtown, and to the park, and through the park, etc, we got a lot of walking in. tis a good thing, since i haven't been exercising enough lately... rented "The Tao of Steve", which was good and funny, though not something to watch if you're not in the mood to think about dating, so be warned. played Fluxx, hung out.

today was some errandage - went to the mall for a bit, as Chas needed clothes. hey, Brandon, you think shopping with me is annoying? ;) then we drove around wine country, got some food at a brew pub, came home. eventually went back out and saw "Shrek" - again, an awesome movie, but not something you want to watch if you can't stand the subjects of sweetness, light, and wuv - and made some tomato soup for dinner. now, i can't sleep, so...

tommorow is online job hunting and resume working on while chas is at work. then i'll eat dinner with him, then get to head for seattle, *bounce*. =]

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