joyce (joyce) wrote,


have i mentioned how fucking much the anti-smoking ads in california piss me off? the latest iteration that was just on the radio went on about "imagine your organs rotting... imagine your funeral... don't you wish you'd quit smoking?"

sheesh. smoking's a choice, just like anything else. you don't see ads advertising the damage that alcohol and even soda can do to one's innards. fucking get over it and let people live their lives. yes, i realize smoking isn't good for you. we all know that by now. are tobacco companies evil for capitalizing on human weakness? not really. they're in business to make money, just like anyone else, and if that's how they chose to do it, fine. i understand the potential damage that i take on myself when i drink, eat ice cream, or do whatever. information should be presented in an orderly manner about the pros and cons of doing something, and then left at that for people to make their decisions.

my mom smokes. i know it's not good for her. i wish she'd quit. i'm scared that we're going to lose her to lung cancer one of these days if we don't lose her to something else. but, it's her choice. and some obnoxious radio ad isn't going to change that.

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