joyce (joyce) wrote,

went into the City tonight and met up with an old friend from high school who's in town for a con for dinner. it was nice to see her and catch up - it's funny how people will change sometimes in way you would have never expected, and in others, they're exactly the same.

i ended up dragging her to the Metreon, because she'd never seen it, where we walked around, geeking out in the Discovery Channel and Sony stores, and then got what was for me round II of sushi this week. note to self, don't do that again this week. it's good, but expensive...

it was nice. it was nice to get out. yay, relaxed joyce. it does actually happen on occasion. =]

driving home was nice. i missed a turn and so took a bit more scenic route than i intended, but never got lost. if i'm actually starting to develop a sense of direction, i'm going to be impressed.

almost sleep time.

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