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i swear, people make me tired, sometimes. however, i had a lovely… 
22nd-May-2001 10:52 pm
i swear, people make me tired, sometimes.

however, i had a lovely evening, as always with Brandon... wonders of wonders, he agreed to Fresh Choice for dinner. wonders never cease. *duck*

i can feel a big old rant creeping up in me about love, life, relationships, attraction, sex, and all that jazz. it's just not completely done boling yet.

and then there's people who are determined to bitch about things, who want to bitch for the sake of bitching, and don't want to fix it. but that's a whole 'nother rant, now isn't it?

i need to write down the address of the place in the city that i'm supposed to be tommorow night, and then it's going to be bedtime, before my good mood wears off and i turn into cranky joyce.
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22nd-May-2001 11:06 pm (UTC)

yes, yes indeed. seems a lot of us are trying to get our heads on straight lately. =]

heh, part of my problem is that i haven't been afraid to go after what i've wanted for a long time now. well, in doing so, you often get hurt. i'm tired of bouncing around, and i'm wondering how i can fix that. *shrugs*

and lots of other stuff too, but it's too late to start thinking about this kind of stuff if i'm going to sleep anytime soon... =]
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