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well, since i find myself in front of a computer with nothing better to do...

heh, is it really just sunday? when you go away somewhere, time does odd things.

so... friday after work, i drove home, got a shower, got on the light rail, got on the bus, got to the airport. living that close to SJC is a useful thing. =] the plane ride was, well, a plane ride, woo.

alaska air was kind enough to get me to Seattle in one piece (nothing quite like buying tickets and then having it pointed out to you that the airline you're on crashed a couple of planes fairly recently) and i found the two nuts that had come to pick me up.

folks, Chris and Adam together are certifiable. much fun, but certifiable. =]

so where's the first place we have to head after that? hehe. i refrained from making too many jokes about my skin burning off. dude, that's the most Windows boxes i've ever seen in one room. it was actually a fairly impressive sight.

anyhow, chattered with Adam with Chris got his work done, and then we went and picked up collegegirl and went to Minnie's, where i met thought1, pyran, petfish, nder, and devin, and some other people. too many new people all at once to remember. it was fun, though, and Minnie's has damn good food. i got a "short stack" of pancakes that was way more food than i could finish. i don't want to think about a tall stack...

anyhow, keith and jesse came back to THoC with all of us, and hung out for a while. i met the crack smoking cats, all three of them. collaspe finally happened sometime after three in the morning.

yesterday was running Adam's uhaul back, then Thai-ger room for lunch (which was yummy, and where they give you enough food to feed a small Ethiopian family) and the U's street fair, and The Mix for ice cream (or yogurt, if you were me) and then back to THoC, for hanging out. the guys played Aesheron's Call, i read.

anyhow, now Chris is at work and i'm waiting for Adam to wake up, as he was assigned Joyce-stting duties for the day. ;)

seattle is cool.

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