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the opposite of love isn't hate, it's indifference...

heh. isn't that the truth.

i picked up my new contacts last night. my eyes are thanking me feverently this morning.

i got almost eight hours of sleep last night. i had a good workout. i remembered to take my vitamins this morning. i was early to work (yes, that was the sound of hell freezing over =]). i got everything done last night that i needed to do without any sacrificial offerings. and i'm listening to Hootie and chilling and drinking my breakfast. it looks it's going to be a quiet day at work, which is fine. with any luck my boss will look at me about 4:00, like he usually does on Fridays, and say "What are you still doing here?"

yea, this is a nice boring post. oh well. contentment is very rarely exciting, is it? who was it that said that happy marriages were boring and that the unhappy ones were the interesting ones?

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