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Not Quite Primetime author letter

Hi, dear author!

My first experience in general with writing fanfic and with the fanfic community was this past Yuletide, so, frankly, it feels a little weird to be able to request The West Wing, Torchwood, and Hawaii Five-0.

Right now, I'm lazy and tired (it's the end of the semester, and I'm a college professor), so I'll echo what I said at Yuletide; I don't do:

- rape or non-con. Seriously, please, just don't go there.
- child or animal harm
- embarrassment or humiliation squick
- mostly, explicit sex. Sometimes I'm after that, but when I am, there's plenty out there to be found. (Though, if what's speaking to you is porn, well, then porn you shall write.)

I do love:

- gen. Good gen is underrated.
- strong friendships
- good dialog, lots of humor - I love the "walk and talk" style dialog of the West Wing.
- world building or works that could be canon
- AUs; one of my favorite stories right now is Motion Practice, an Avengers AU:
- crackfic. This fic, where Danny on Hawaii 5-0 is turned into a cat? Hilarious.

There's also the seal story. It's epic.

Apparently, turning people into animals on H50 is a thing. :)

- any sort of relationship/gender configurations. Gender bending of canonical characters is fine, as long as it's done respectfully. Have you read the story about a FTM pregnant Sherlock? It's amazing, and sweet, and Mary steals the show.
- crossovers. mm, tasty crossovers.

But, in the end, save my list of "don't do, please", I'll happily read whatever you write! :)

As far as specific fandoms:

- TWW: I don't ship anyone in specific on TWW, but I do love the characters and how much they care for each other, and as I said, dialogue is king on TWW. I've seen all seven seasons. Multiple times.
- Torchwood: Like a lot of other folks, I haven't see Miracle Day, but I've seen through Children of the Earth, and it's fair game.
- Hawaii Five-0: I ship Danny and Steve, like everyone else on the planet, but really, whatever you want to do here works for me. The themes of loyalty and found family just get to me, even if the series focus has been drifting a bit. I'm current with the current season.

Thank you, and I look forward to seeing what you write! :)

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