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so, not that anyone'd notice, but my keyboard died last night. replaced the batteries, unplugged it from the passthrough for the cam, plugged it back in, then plugged it back in with the cam passthrough, rebooted to linux in case it was something to do with windows - no dice. finally gave up and went to bed, which i needed to do, anyhow. =)

it's not the base unit for the wireless, because my mouse is working just fine. yay, fun. i'm going to borrow a corded ps2 and serial keyboard from work tonight, if i can find extras, and see if either of those work before i go out and get anything. could be the ps2 connector on the motherboard. could be any number of things. that's the fun of figuring out a hardware problem...

eye doctor's appointment last night went fine. though my eyes really, really didn't like being dialated for the first time.

it's payday, woot. time to go pay bills.

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