joyce (joyce) wrote,

quick and dirty tortellini with cream sauce:

- start some water boiling
- find the tortellini in the freezer. if you're being anal about what you're eating, measure out a serving
- when the water is boiling, dump in the tortellini
- open an 8 oz can of tomato sauce
- fish out a tortellini on occasion. peer speculatively at it. when you decide it's done/when you become impatient, drain the pasta
- dump it into a bowl/plate/something. the bowl is more effective, as you will see in a second....
- pour tomato sauce to taste in with the pasta. stir. glop in some (low fat) cream cheese. note... sticking to veggie or garlic cream cheese would probably be a good idea. stir to melt. spice to taste. slice in some garlic if you're the kind to keep it around.

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