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Dear Yuletide author,

Hi! :)

I feel as though I haven't been that helpful in my optional comments... I found myself saying a lot of "no, really, I'm happy with anything here!" And honestly, it's true. so maybe it's easier to tell you what I don't like (and a few things I do), and let you figure it out from there.

So, what I asked for:

Poly bank robbers - really, what's not to like here? :) I think Bandits is a thoroughly under appreciated movie, and love it likely more than I should.

So, what happens after that closing scene when we see Kate between Joe and Terry? Do they end up happy? Do things fall apart? I'd love a happily ever after story, but not HEA is okay too if that's not how you think it went down. I tend to read a lot of gen, and prefer it, with the nitty gritty details fade to black.

I'm also totally okay with crossovers, though they're not necessary by any means.

You know, the folks in Bandits end up in Mexico eventually... there's got to be some possibilities there...

I love Mrs. Pollifax. I'm on my third or fourth reread through the series and I mourn Dorothy Gilman, and I'm totally happy with whatever you want to write here, though I vastly prefer gen fic and I'm mostly a fade-to-black kind of person when it comes to the hot details; romance and affection is great, but especially in this 'verse, I'm just not after, say, Bishop bending Carstairs over a desk, because ... *twitch* Bishop and Carstairs woo-ing each other blushing and hesitantly, on the other hand... :)

I'm also totally okay with crossovers, though they're not necessary by any means.

These books. So, the premise is that Mrs. Pollifax is bored, walks into the CIA, asks for a job as a spy, and gets one. Sounds ridiculous, right? But it works, and it works SO WELL. If you matched on something else and changed your mind, these books are so much fun and well worth reading. However, there are 14 of them. But they're short!

I just love these books. I am totally okay with whatever you want to write here. I know, optional details are supposed to provide details, but I'm finding it hard to provide those without getting too scripty. I prefer gen, romance, affection, good relationships, good friends, fade to black sex. I am totally okay with any extra characters you want to include - only including Julia and Brisbane is pretty limiting, but that's what was nominated.

I'm also totally okay with crossovers, though they're not necessary by any means. But there's got to be some pretty interesting possibilities here in this time period...

The Lady Julia Grey series is also a lot of fun, though darker than Mrs. P. Raybourn does a good job of dealing with the social and class issues of the time, writes a plausible lesbian relationship for the times, and just has great characters - the Marches are hysterical. I love their family relationships and watching them interact with each other.

Characters: Aeslin Mice

Oh, the mice. There's a lot of really good stuff here, and I'm totally happy with whatever you want to write here (with the already mentioned caveats of preferring gen, fade to black on sex, etc.), but it's got to have the mice in it, please.

Crossovers are totally encouraged here; I wonder what other parts of the McGuire/Grant universe would think of the mice...

Sweet goodness, the mice. I mean it - I don't care what you do here, just please write about the mice. :)

I don't do:

- rape or non-con. Seriously, please, just don't go there.
- child or animal harm
- embarrassment or humiliation squick
- mostly, explicit sex. Sometimes I'm after that, but when I am, there's plenty out there to be found.

I do love:

- gen. Good gen is underrated.
- strong friendships
- good dialog, lots of humor - I love the "walk and talk" style dialog of the West Wing.
- world building or works that could be canon
- AUs; one of my favorite stories right now is Motion Practice, an Avengers AU:
- crackfic. This fic, where Danny on Hawaii 5-0 is turned into a cat? Hilarious.

There's also the seal story. It's epic.

Apparently, turning people into animals on H50 is a thing. :)

- any sort of relationship/gender configurations. Gender bending of canonical characters is fine, as long as it's done respectfully. Have you read the story about a FTM pregnant Sherlock? It's amazing, and sweet, and Mary steals the show.
- crossovers. My "big" fandoms are Fast & Furious, Sherlock of all varieties, Torchwood, Firefly, Hawaii 5-0, Revolution, Supernatural, Warehouse 13 (though I'm so far behind the rest of the viewing world on the last two, it's not even funny - I'm on S4 of Supernatural and S2 of Warehouse). I'm not trying to sneak a bigger fandom in, just trying to give you more to work with.

(Okay, honestly? A friend floated the idea of Jack Harkness meets Mrs. Pollifax, and I can't stop thinking about the hilarity. Should I happen to get lucky enough to be assigned someone who knows both Torchwood and Mrs. Pollifax, and you want to take that one on... then again, Mrs. Pollifax meets the Aeslin mice could be some cracky goodness. And watching Mrs. P and Julia face off could be great. I'm not sure there's anything that doesn't crossover with Mrs. P.)

But, in the end, save my list of "don't do, please", I'll happily read whatever you write! :)
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