joyce (joyce) wrote,

everyone call home and say hi to their mommies today. =] mine actually got phone calls from all three of her kids today, which seemed to please her a lot, which makes me very happy. i love my mom and miss her a lot, even if she is bound and determined to make me feel like an old maid at the ripe old age of 24. =]

mummy: "so... how's the boyfriend situation?"

me: "nonexistent!"

mummy: (flat) "oh."

me: "but it's cool, i'm happy, things are good, things are better now."

mummy: "oh"

mummy: "well, you'll find someone... one of these days...."

me: *rolls eyes and continues to play Age of Empires *

sheesh. but otherwise it was a good conversation, better than a lot we've had in the last while. (ask misty and dan about me stalking around the apartment complex in salt lake two summers ago, screaming at the top of my lungs that i hated my mother and never wanted to talk to her again.) i think mother/daughter relations are improving again, which please me very much. we have our issues, but overall, she's a good mommy.

health wise she's sounding ok, for those who worry... they just took her in and did xrays on every bone in her back that they could find, apparently, and hips are scheduled for this week, i think it was. the neurosergeon and the orthopedist are apparently dragging their feet about talking to each other... . she's still in a collar and has a plate in her neck which is scheduled to come out in June... but she's sounding pretty chipper and aware, which is a good thing, because it's always a worry. i need to get a present in the mail to her - yes, i 'm a slack daughter, shush - but she's not doing puzzles right now, which is what i wanted to send her, so i'll think of something. the good thing about presents being late is that they're really a surprise. ;)

i love my mommy. she rocks.

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