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  • Another new recipe for the month: last night I made these steamed chicken wraps</a>, though deconstructed - I steamed the chicken on top of the cabbage, and then served them separately. They were pretty good (Val said dinner was very good, which doesn't happen often), but I had to leave out a lot of the spice for her, so now I'm wondering how to punch up the flavor without making them too spicy.

    The texture was smooth - almost too smooth. I wonder about blending the non-chicken ingredients and then mixing them into ground chicken, rather than blending the whole thing, which frankly squicked me out a bit.

  • This month's new food is amaranth. Like a lot of GF folks, I eat a lot of rice and potatoes, but I was getting tired of the rice and potatoes thing, so I googled for gluten free whole grains, and amaranth popped up. The new Whole Foods had it in bulk, so I gave it a go. I like it a lot - it's small pellets with a mouthfeel like roe and a pretty nuetral taste. Will be getting again.

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