joyce (joyce) wrote,

So, this past Sunday, I did in fact make the hearts of palm and radish salad, minus the shrimp, and it is very very good. It is also very mayonnaise heavy - I think that next time, I'll cut down on the mayonnaise by quite a bit and up the horseradish. Also, the radishes have steadily turned it pink over the week, not affecting the taste but making the appearance a little odd. Still, good; very tasty with edamame.

I also made another quiche that I've been eating for breakfast all week; the cheese quotient in it was much lower than the week before's quiche (so good, so calorie heavy), and there were more greens (spinach, zucchini, and kale), than eggs. Very good, but I think this week I need a break from the quiche routine, but I'm not sure what else I want to make.

The stuffed cabbage morphed into a casserole, since there was some miscommunication over the use of the cabbage. I left out the apple, because I was running out of space in the baking dish, and the sausage, and only used about half a cabbage. This is SO good, and there is SO MUCH of it. So, verdict, tasty, but make a quarter batch next time.

Also, I baked off some tofu last night to eat. Noms.

I need to poke at the cookbooks and decide what's for breakfast and lunch next week... :)
Tags: once a week cooking

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