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I'm working on that whole once-a-week cooking thing this week, to see if I can incorporate more of that into our lives. I don't want to stop cooking every night, but having breakfasts and lunches ready to go at the beginning of the week, and some sides, would make life a lot easier, and make it more likely that I'd eat more vegetables.

So last night I made a killer vegetarian lasagna with mushrooms and onions, the leftovers of which are going to make several days worth of lunch. Also, last night I put together a cucumber and onion salad - basically some quick pickles.

Today, I've:

- made this quiche, minus the bacon and tomatoes and onions
- baked off a gorgeous hunk of salmon (which was on sale this week, noms)
- made this cauliflower salad; I halved the sauce, because it looked like it would make a lot, then ended up adding another tablespoon of tahini and a bit more water, because it was very lemony, and my goodness, it's good.

Later on in the week, there will be radish and hearts of palm salad and stuffed cabbage.

Dinner tonight is various sides and "crab" cakes, after my triumphant discovery of fake crab at the grocery that is held together with every kind of starch but wheat. WIN. :)
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