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actually, i did take one very useful lit class at NCSSM. i took Miller's modern lit seminar, which is hands down the best class i have ever taken in anything. people fought to get into that class. people volunteered to do all the work and not take credit for the class, just for the chance to sit in on it, if that says anything.

let's see, we read The Cheerleader, The Maltese Falcon, All the King's Men, Virgina Wolf, One Day in the Life of Ivan Denosovitch, Waiting for Godot... *thinking* The Great Gatsby. i know there were more than that, i just can't remember right now. i wonder if my papers for that class are at my folks' house...

a book a week, except for All the King's Men, which took us three. and i think Waiting for Godot may have taken two. (I hated that play.) A third of the group - three or four people - wrote a paper on the book in question. we came into class, read each other's papers, and then tore them and the book apart.

if i knew my classes would be like that when i went back to school, i'd be enrolled already. =]

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