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Close encounters of the animal kind recently: - Jeff and I were… 
22nd-Aug-2011 09:21 pm
Close encounters of the animal kind recently:

- Jeff and I were going into town Thursday night to have dinner with a friend, and a wild turkey and a baby turkey crossed our path. Baby turkey! The thing was like, 4 inches tall. We were both so stunned with cute that we did not get a picture.

- The other night, a possum came up and walked along the railing of the house underneath the office window (to the avid interest of Marty, alas).

- We have bats. We were just watching them swoop around, because...

- The outdoor kitten (I really need to call and make that appointment to pick up a trap) was playing and hunting underneath the clothes line. So. cute.

- This afternoon on the way home, someone's cows had broken their fence and were milling around. Alas, I don't know whose field it is, and there's no house right by there. I did flag down someone a few houses up, though, and she thought she knew who to call about the cows. As I preceded down the road, a couple of guys in big trucks with concerned expressions were headed the other way towards the field, so hopefully they were on cow patrol.


[eta] And I forgot the deer and the rabbits. And the other cat.
23rd-Aug-2011 02:12 am (UTC) - cow patrol!
We've had a flock of turkeys around here since spring. I keep hoping for babies, but so far no such luck.

I love bats. They are really cool to watch fly & they do such good things.
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