joyce (joyce) wrote,

It has been a really busy, but really good week.

Monday and Tuesday, I was in orientation for a mentorship group I'm participating in this year. Monday, I had to slip out for a bit for a meeting about another campus thing I'm doing this weekend. The difference between the two groups was interesting, and something I need to noodle about some more.

Tuesday, after orientation, I ran home, got a shower (we'd been doing team building stuff all day), grabbed some food out of the crockpot, and then we headed into town to see Garrison Keillor. It was a really, really amazing show, and something we're not likely to get to experience again, since he's announced his retirement. Some parts of the show were slightly random, some parts were very racy (metaphors about sea anemone), some parts were highly entertaining (he covered Tiffany's "I think We're Alone Now" during a monologue), and the best part was when he led a standing, singing intermission and the whole crowd sang "Amazing Grace" together.

Yesterday, I took mom to the zoo. We saw a bunch of animals, spent a lot of time in the big aviary, and in general, had a very good day. I mostly did not get good pictures, but this one was funny.

Today, I had to go into town for a meeting (a final walk through for a course that's been a joint effort with the distance ed folks and my thesis chair, and that I'm going to be teaching. I got a nice lazy nap this afternoon, and actually got some work done today. This evening, we ran into town and had Mexican food and good conversation with a friend of ours that we hadn't gotten to see most of the summer.

I am grateful that tomorrow, the only things on my agenda are a lot of work (must find concentration dammit) and watching lycantras graduate. :)
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