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Hope and I have been making noises about going down to visit Faith sometime this summer, well, all summer. And Hope's summer runs out next Wednesday. Conveniently, Faith had off today and yesterday. :)

So, yesterday, I packed up and Hope picked me up around 10. We headed towards Faith's house, which lead to the first memorable quote of the weekend: "Joyce, why are we going to Sanford?" It wasn't my newly found directional-foo that had failed me, it was my reading skills; I'd convinced myself that we needed to stay on one road and that it was the road we'd needed, when in fact, we needed to bear off onto another road.

However, I whipped out my phone, plotted a new route, and we actually got to Faith's house at exactly the time we'd expected to get there anyhow. :)

There were hugs, there was lunch (fruit and quesadillas, noms), and then we had to go out into town for awhile because Faith had a meeting. While Faith was in her meeting, first Hope and I had a Starbucks incident, and then we headed for Trader Joe's to stock on up things that we can't get at home (in my case, mostly cheap tea and coffee and cheap instant Indian food). However, Faith's meeting took far less time than expected, so we went and picked her up, went back to TJs1, got our stuff, flirted a bit with the checkout dude (as we do) and headed back to Starbucks to get Faith a drink, which lead to memorable quote #2:

"I don't have a recipe for that."

Which was in reply to Hope's request for a glass of ice water. The barrista was totally flirting with her, and did, in fact, get her ice water (after she started joking about "Well, you get a cup, and a straw, and a lid...") After that, we headed back to Faith's house, where there were games (they both approve of The Struggle for Catan and Zombie dice, and I won at Phase 10) and food (salad and deep fried tofu and mushrooms and sweet and sour sauce, which, once we got the consistency on the tapioca flour batter right, was very very good) and dessert (we killed a pan of rice krispy treats2).

Eventually, we all settled down, and I sacked out on the couch to read before bed, leading to good quote number 3 of the weekend: "But it's a good book!" I was falling asleep on my book, and my iPad was threatening to whack me in the face, but I tried to argue about it being a good book when Hope and Faith tried to save me and tell me to go to bed. :)

So there was sleep. This morning there were scrambled eggs and fruit, and more games, and eventually, we had to take our leave.

Very good visit.

1. We were walking distance to both artisanal_xara and our aunt, and did not stop in to see either. Sorry, guys. Very targeted trip, this time.

2. Good news! I have suffered no ill effects so far from the new GF rice krispies. So pleased.
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