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I am absurdly tired, and have been most of the day. Is it getting… 
9th-Aug-2011 09:52 pm
I am absurdly tired, and have been most of the day. Is it getting back into the swing of things, the glutening yesterday, the mild con crud I came home with? I don't know, but, bah.

Of course, I could stop whining about being tired and repair to bed, which I will do very shortly.

I am currently in love with Toodledo. I've used Google tasks for eons, but it doesn't import tasks very well (the best solution is to copy and paste them, one at a time, into the pane view, which doesn't help attach a date to the task unless you paste it into the list for a date, and then you have to fix all the dates by hand, and...) Well, when one is a college professor, one finds oneself doing the same things over and over again each semester. I could just run spreadsheets, but something web-based like Google tasks is accessible easily from anywhere. So I googled, and tried Toodledo, and it imports a csv list perfectly and asks me to what fields I want to assign each column. Sold. Highly recommended. I'd love a larger calendar view, but that's my only quibble.

As you might guess, I spent most of the day generating syllabi (one day, I will settle on a class format I really like, stop fiddling with all this stuff, and this will be much easier) and schedules and stuff. And grousing that Blackboard is down for maintenance. And wondering just why I thought going off textbook in race & ethnicity this term was a good idea. Etc.
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