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One of the things we are doing with this, the tail end of my… 
1st-Aug-2011 09:44 pm

One of the things we are doing with this, the tail end of my summer, is working on some house stuff. This includes finally starting the insulation project. The attic was insulated with R11 (I only wish I was kidding), which makes things brutally hot in the summer and pretty chilly in the winter (we have a portable AC unit for our room, but the guest room is unusable in the summer and damn cold in the winter). We're actually going to want to be able to use our guest room this year, and we wanted to reduce our (ridiculous, for this size of house) utility bills, so we're in the process of replacing the insulation. This involves tearing down the sheet rock, thickening the rafters, putting up the new insulation and a radiant barrier, sheet-rocking back over the whole damn mess, and painting (eventually). This is what the guest room looks like currently. My inner miser both weeps over tearing down mostly perfectly good sheet rock, and makes with the glee, knowing we should make it back in a couple years.

The rest of me is just sore from hauling sheet rock downstairs tonight. Ugh.

Otherwise, have the obligatory cat picture. Copper does not like to pose, and it took a few to corral her for this shot. It's hard to believe our cats are all grown up - Marty and Ellie are 6 this year, and Copper is 5ish (but big as the other two put together).
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