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Oh, LJ. I have stuff to catch up on. Lots of stuff. In the meantime, though, I kvetch.

From an online ebook seller who I sometimes buy from:


Dear Reader,

Ladies and gentlemen, take our Revolutionary Reading challenge for a chance to win a new ereader! We want you to read the opposite of your typical genre and let us know what you did (or didn't!) like about it. For men, this may mean shasaying into the realm of romance and for women, this could be the first tip-toe towards a psycho-thriller. Click here for more details.

Keep your eyes peeled for a brand-new publisher launching in early August...

Happy reading!
The BooksOnBoard Team


Really? Really? In 2011, you sent that out? Hrmph.

[edited to add that the webpage is worse] For one week only, we're asking our gentleman readers to indulge in a whirlwind romance and our ladies-in-waiting to dive into a political thriller or men's adventure title, the opposite of what many customers normally read.

[daughter of edited to add] I did get a personalize response this morning. Nice.

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