I am annoyed at Frontier Airlines, though I know they don't give a… 
1st-Jul-2011 08:33 am
I am annoyed at Frontier Airlines, though I know they don't give a rat's about my annoyance.

I am on vacation in Orlando with faecat and her family. Well, technically, I am on vacation, since no one else is here yet. Ginger was supposed to arrive at 11:30. I was going to pick her up from the airport, and then we were going to zoom out to Kennedy Space Center, see spaceships, then zoom to Cocoa Beach and see the ocean and eat seafood before meeting up with her folks, who get in at 11:30pm tonight (at least, let's hope they do).

However, her flight last night was delayed so much that she was going to miss her connector, despite a freaking 2 hour layover, and it's fourth of July weekend, so the airlines are slammed, so the soonest they can get her here is 10:50 tonight.

I know, first world problems, we're still going to get over a week of lovely touristyness in with her family, everything's going to be fine in the end... but I'm still pissed.

So now I'm sitting in Starbucks (that source of comfort and caffeine and internet) getting a little work done and replotting my day (which will still include KSC, because we have time specific tour tickets and Ginger pointed out that one of us should still get to go.)
1st-Jul-2011 12:55 pm (UTC)
Aw, that sucks!
1st-Jul-2011 01:32 pm (UTC)
It does. I'm supposed to be in the sun :P instead, I am sitting in my bathrobe, freezing my tail off, like I do every morning. *kicks dirt* Leaving for Airport Take Two in an hour and a half.
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