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cars and planetariums

So, Wednesday night, I went out to my car and turned it on, in anticipation of driving to class. It thought real hard about starting, and then said "Oh, no, just kidding." We hadn't left the lights on or anything like that, it just didn't have enough juice. I cursed, Jeff hooked it up to the battery charger, I drove Val's car to class, and so things worked out.

Last night, Jeff took it off the charger and it turned over, so, yay, good to go, right?

This morning, I get dressed for my date with artisanal_xara and her kidlet, and then Jeff reminded me that I should make sure my car was going to go, which I'd totally forgotten about. Y'all see where this is going, right?

So, the battery is back on the charger and it's being desulfated. It's a 5 year old battery (we looked today), and I've killed it twice (there is no warning ding for leaving your lights on), so I'd guess that the former owners killed it once or twice too. So, hopefully this is just a battery on its last legs, and not electrical gremlins.

Meantime, Val and my mom were due to go out and about, so Val insisted that I take her car and they'd take mom's van. So I dropped her off at my parents' and zoomed up the road, getting to the planetarium right on time. We saw a very nice show about the earth, moon, and sun. We played with the science exhibits, and saw a short presentation debunking the 2012 myths. There was lunch and visiting and it was a very nice day, and I'm very lucky to have a MIL who doesn't mind me borrowing her car.

On the way home, I ran a couple errands in Burlington. I was coming out of Old Navy (swim trunks $6, for the win), when I saw a flat tire on her car. Really, universe, really? So Jeff came out and kept me company while Discount Tire put a new tire on her car.

There's been hard cider and chili for dinner, and overall, I'm still calling the day a win. :)
Tags: cars, touristy

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