joyce (joyce) wrote,

my computer is smoking crack

my computer is not currently talking to my mouse. i'm hoping it's just a battery issue, and i'm having problems believing that i don't have any AAA's on hand, but it appears i don't. they will be fetched shortly.

of course, it didn't want to pick up the serial mouse i plugged in, either. and i was feeling too lazy to convince X to deal with a new mouse. so now i'm doing something Dan would do and using
windows without a mouse. go me. =]

however, Mogwai suddenly knows what time it is, again, after months of thinking it was 1998 every time i booted her and making me set the date by hand. crack, i tell you. whoever's feeding my computer's habit, stop it, will ya? ;)

oh, and the reason i wanted to get online in the first place, before my company arrives: today at the gym, the scale said 196. about a week ago, it said 200. woot! =] *bounce*

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