joyce (joyce) wrote,

It's been a busy week, and April is looking even more insane. This is the last full weekend without something going on until the last weekend in April/first weekend in May. And even this weekend, we have something going on, but it's jeni visiting, which is a pretty low key something. :)

(I have so much grading to do. Sigh.)

Jeni got in late Thursday night and beat me home (I had my evening class). The three of us hung out and chit-chatted for awhile, until we could no longer deny that we were all falling asleep where we sat.

Yesterday, she came into town with me and hung out in my office while I taught class, and then I went for a walk while she had an appointment. We got some lunch at Moe's, and we ran a couple of errands (Petsmart, Target) and finished up the afternoon with gluten free waffle cones and local ice cream at a local bakery. I hadn't had a waffle cone in months, and it was mighty tasty. :)

Dinner was pot roast in the crockpot, and entertainment was Wolverine (the collective verdict: not bad, not great, enjoyable enough, glad we didn't bother in theaters.)

Today so far has involved coffee and pancakes and a little work and sleeping in. Noms. I think we're headed out for a used bookstore run eventually, but other than that, we might just be pretty lazy, and I'm okay with that.
Tags: ate soup, gf, jeni, social

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