joyce (joyce) wrote,

  • We had an amazing time on vacation. Trip report to follow. Eventually. Once I'm done weaving in the ends on the current knitting project. Oh, the ends.

  • I have a pair of brown, 5 hole, lace up Doc Martens to give away. The size info has worn off, but I wear a 8.5 women's American size/39 European size, and they fit me fine, they just really don't work for my feet (all I wear these days are rocker sole shoes.) I got them used off Ebay and wore them about twice; they're in good shape. I can take a picture if anyone thinks they might be interested. Free to you, you cover postage. I figured I'd ask here before I put them up on Ebay.
  • taken!
  • Best dinner idea ever, posted over here in passing in the entry: use leftover pork ragu to make shepherd's pie. Omnomnom.

  • I have been absolutely lazy today. I did sort out some recycling and do a touch of work, but otherwise, my biggest accomplishments were weaving in ends and playing a lot of Settlers against the computer. I'm okay with that.
  • I still have 4 days of spring break left. Rock.

Tags: ate soup

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