joyce (joyce) wrote,

I have a big fat case of the don't wannas. I need to prep for race & ethnicity for the week (intro is already done, thank you, past self), grade race & ethnicity papers (down to 9, woot), and put together an intro quiz, and I don't want to do any of it. I have spring fever, they have spring fever, we're all pretty hopeless lately. Luckily, spring break is coming up.

Friday we had Chipotle coupons, so after class, we grabbed some lunch (mm, burrito bowls), tripped through Home Depot, and came home. There was knitting. And some work. And some Scrabble with Faith. And face-planting.

Yesterday was more of the same. We were supposed to go to dinner at a friend's in Chapel Hill, but she called off with a migrane.

Today Faith was in town, so we hung out at my parents' most of the afternoon.

Meh. Don't wanna.
Tags: ate soup, work

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