joyce (joyce) wrote,

bullet points of slightly pointless updating

  • It is 69 and beautiful out there. I went for a walk after class. Luscious.
  • We (well, Jeff) got my dad's blazer fixed and returned to him yesterday. Also, I knit a lot, finished Kidnapped on Netflix, and did some work. And more laundry. Nice day.
  • Of course, pretty weather means spring fever, for students and faculty. 12 teaching days between me and spring break.
  • My to-do list and I are having a staring contest, but I'm slowly marking things off.
  • I have Diet Mountain Dew, which is probably helping.
  • However, I want chocolate. There shall be the buying of leftover Halloween Valentine's chocolate tomorrow.1
  • Did I mention that my sisters and I played unholy amounts of Scrabble on Facebook this weekend? I did a lot of losing.
  • Did I mention that spring break is soon? :)

[eta]: 1. Apparently, I have Halloween on the brain today; I'm wearing an Old Navy Halloween t-shirt today. It was clean and comfy. Don't look at me like that. :)
Tags: ate soup, family:dad, family:sisters

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