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And this week just kind of disappeared.

Last Sunday, we ran out and did some more errands with Jeni, and then went to a friend's Super Bowl party. Her husband and his coworkers sat in the living room and actually watched the game, gasp. :) The rest of us sat in the sun room, at very tasty food, and caught up.

Monday, Jeni tried to leave, and got about a mile up the road before her car decided she really needed to spend another night with us. AAA was dispatched, and luckily, it was one bad part and one loose bolt, so Jeff took care of it easily, but by the time it was fixed, it was dark and lateish, so we did taco salads for dinner and watched more Sherlock (so good), and she stayed another night.

Tuesday I had my first physical since probably high school. He deemed my cold just a cold (albeit a crappy one), the rash on the back of my neck just a rash (it mostly got a shrug. "We can put some steroid cream on it, if you want." "It doesn't burn, it doesn't itch, I can't see it, and you said it's not contagious, so, why bother."), and in general, I was deemed healthy as a horse ("You feel better when you don't eat gluten? Great, keep it up") and he only mentioned my weight at the very end ("Let's work on some more exercise and losing a little weight"). I think I'll keep the doc. :) I need to call in this week and see if my labwork has come back yet.

The rest of the week is a blur of work, teaching classes, writing recommendation letters (tis the season) and trying to sleep off this damnable cold (almost gone).

Yesterday, I taught class (a slightly chaotic round of Jeopardy to review for a quiz), and then we grabbed lunch at the Harris Teeter salad bar. And then we went and saw the first showing of the day of The Green Hornet, which was way better than it had any right to be. It don't normally enjoy dumb comedy, but but this was just smart enough that I really, really enjoyed it. I want Kato's coffee machine. And brains. yesthatjill was right, though, Cameron Diaz was completely superfluous.

It was also our first 3D movie (thank you, gift card), and that was pretty cool, too. It didn't matter in a lot of places, but it made the fight scenes really neat. It's not something I'd pay the premium for on a regular basis, but would consider if I thought it really would make a difference in the movie.

We saw the Cowboys vs. Aliens trailer again, which was just wicked. That's on the calendar (July 29) now. I can't decide from the trailer for Sucker Punch if it looks good or not. We saw the Super 8 trailer, which I still want to see even though the trailer doesn't say much about the movie.

Also, we saw the movie with only 4 other people in the theater. I have gotten so spoiled by not working an 8 to 5 job. Grading papers at 10pm occasionally and teaching evenings some semesters is so worth being able to hit a Friday afternoon movie if I want to.

I came home and made chili for dinner and knit a bunch on the current project while watching three eps of Kidnapped, which is on Netflix streaming and which is nicely scratching my Timothy Hutton itch for the time being.

Today, there's been some Scrabble with the sisters, some knitting, some errands, an ice cream incident, and a lot of laundry. The rest of the evening looks like more scrabble, more knitting, and more kidnapped. Oh, darn.
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