joyce (joyce) wrote,

To: reporting@the dinosaur consortium
From: Bradley (Brontosaurus division) (Lead NC Ambassador)
Subject: First tourism report

To whom it may concern: Please accept this, my report of our trip to the Greensboro Historical Museum.

Today, after her class, Joyce and Jeff went to the Greensboro Historical Museum, as part of her goal to go somewhere new once a month, and were kind enough to take me along.

First, however, we had lunch at their favorite Mexican restaurant. Afterward, we drove downtown to the museum. Alas, the batteries on the camera had died at lunch, and so Joyce took pictures on her cell phone, which came out, as she would put it, "okay but not great".

Joyce and Jeff also reported having passed by the museum many times, but not having realized how big a place it was.

They got parked, and went inside to register. They were met by a very enthusiastic lady at the front desk, who gave them lots of information about the museum, a map, and told them about the old fashioned vehicle in the lobby. Upstairs, they saw information about Dolley Madison, the only First Lady born in North Carolina; some examples of historical homes and rooms in the area; information about the people who had settled Greensboro and the journey to get here (and I am very glad that I traveled via postal mail, not covered wagon!); information about North Carolina, its reluctance to enter the Civil War, and how much of Greensboro was still very pro-union even after entering the war; how Vicks Vaporub was born in the state; and much else.

There was much more in the museum than either Joyce or Jeff had anticipated, and so they got about two-thirds of the way through the first floor before calling it a day, which promises to come back.

The rest of the afternoon has spent at home quietly watching movies online, watching an episode of something called Profiler, eating salad for dinner (I approve) and knitting. However, my gracious typist wants to go to bed, so I will have to end this report. I have enjoyed my first trip into local history, and local forward to many more this year.

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