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To: reporting@the dinosaur consortium
From: Bradley (Brontosaurus division) (Lead NC Ambassador)
Re: Initial Report

To whom it may concern: Please accept this, the first report from the North Carolina Junior Dinosaur Ambassador of Travel and Tourism.

There comes a time where every Junior Dinosaur Ambassador of Travel and Tourism must begin their first posting. As I had finished training, it became my time to pack and ship out.

In my case, I have a special assignment; I am assuming a one year post in North Carolina. I am told that in this role, there will be opportunities for travel in much of the eastern and southern United States, and perhaps points beyond, and I am excited.

However, I was also a bit apprehensive before leaving; older Dinosaur Ambassadors of Travel and Tourism had told me that North Carolina was a very different place than my native land, Seattle. However, I have found that N.C. is a lovely place and my hosts to be hospitable. N.C. is different than Seattle, but it is no less comfortable than my far away homeland.

On Saturday, January 22, I began travel to my posting. I traveled via U.S. Postal Mail, first class, and was very comfortable during the journey. My traverse of the country took only 2 days, and I arrived on Monday January 24. My hosts are joyce (hereafter referred to as Joyce), madgenius (hereafter referred to as Jeff), the mother of Jeff (hereafter referred to as Jeff's mom), and three amazingly furry creatures that I was totally unfamiliar with, hereafter referred to as "the cats" or Marty, Ellie, and Copper. (Why would any creature choose to have fur? The smooth skin of the brontosaurus is vastly superior.)

When the older DATT told me about this far away land, they did not warn me that I would have to share my space with other animals. Fortunately, while I was initially taken aback, we have quickly learned to coexist. The cats are mostly lazy, sleeping much of the day. They are playful at times; however, I quickly rethought my desire to play with them, as even the smallest far outweighs myself (and the largest, as you can see, is very much larger than I). Now, I merely observe, and we seem to be getting along well.

My quarters are comfortable; so far, I have spent much of my day perched on Joyce's desk, where she works, reads Livejournal, watches movies, knits, and plays something called WoW (which, I confess, I haven't quite figured out yet. A young dinosaur can only take in so much at once.) At night, I sleep on a high bookshelf, safe from the cats.

Joyce and Jeff live in a fairly rural area; the house is quiet, and they have few neighbors. There are large animals living across the street that I am told are called "cows". They seem gentle, and only speak to us occasionally when Joyce goes to fetch the mail.

Joyce teaches at a local institute of higher learning. On Tuesday, my first morning in town, I had sufficiently recovered from my trip to go into work with her so I could learn more about the area. Jeff drove, since he had errands to run in town while she was teaching. Afterward, we ran by Target, where I posed with what I am told is a favorite video game.

I also went in this morning, hoping for a campus tour. Alas, it was raining quite ferociously, so we stayed inside all day.

This is her faithful steed, Kaylee.

Kaylee is something called a "VW Bug". Why would anyone travel in a bug? There are things they don't tell you in ambassador school, and clearly, I have some catching up to do.

And once at work, I helped her to make her morning tea.

This is something called a teaching station, which is involved in the teaching of her classes.

It was a tiring day for this young dinosaur.

I hope that the Bureau finds this report sufficient. I am told that soon, there will be a tourism report to make (Friday's destination is a local historical museum); however, I did first want to report on my safe arrival and my new surroundings.


Bradley (Brontosaurus division)

All DATT pictures.
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