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One of my new year's goals is to go somewhere new once a month. So, I thought I'd start running a list of places around here that might be fun to go to, so that when I start looking for ideas, I have somewhere to look.

- Greensboro Historical Museum (free) (on the calendar for next Friday after work) (visited Jan 31!)
- International Civil Rights Museum ($10)
- Blandwood Mansion ($8)
- Green Hill Center for NC Art (free)
- Alamance County Historical Museum (free)
- Sebastian Medical Museum (free)
- Tannebaum Historic Park (free)
- The David Caldwell Historic Park (free)
- Textile History Museum (free)
- Cedarock Historical Farm (free)
- Model Railroad Museum (free) (Open Thursday nights 7-9pm, Saturday 10am-5pm, and Sunday 2-5pm)

- NC Transportation Museum (museum free, train ride $6) (Spencer, about an hour drive)
- Horne Creek Farm (free) (Pinnacle, hour and fifteen minutes)
- High Point Museum (free)
- NC Aviation Museum (Asheboro) ($8)
- Museum of Anthropology (Winston-Salem) (free)
- Orange County Historic Museum (free)

- the art museum on campus
- Guilford Courthouse (free)
- Charlotte Hawkins Brown Museum (free)
- Natural Science Center of Greensboro ($4 for my zoo membership)
- NC Zoo (free with my membership)
- Snow Camp and the outdoor drama (last visited when a teensy kid with my grandparents) ($15 for the show)
- Old Salem (might as well be new, the last time I visited was in grade school) ($21 for an all-in-one ticket for Old Salem, the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts, and the Gardens; sheesh)
- Hanging Rock (free for most stuff) (Danbury, about an hour)

Also, need to flip through the driving day trips book from Jill and see what looks good, too.
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