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So, last Thursday we got packed up and pointed up the highway about 1:30. We were deliberately leaving later, hoping to dodge traffic around DC. And really, we didn't do badly. With two meal stops and back-up from a wreck, we still got to yesthatjill and flummox's place at 9:15. That's not bad at all. There were hugs, there were presents, there was hanging out, and eventually, there was sleep.

Friday, Chas and Jill both had off (huzzah). We did Starbucks for breakfast (and knitting, and podcasts). We dropped Chas back at home and went grocery shopping for the weekend (and Jeff and I met the wonder that is Wegman's, oh my). After Wegman's and Safeway, we got home and did the now canonical meat/cheese/olives/crackers lunch. There was hanging out and more knitting and entertaining Canadian food TV. Their friend The Brenda arrived late in the afternoon with her guy (who was very cool) in tow. There was more hanging out and chit-chatting and cooking.

New Year's Eve dinner was chicken and sausages roasted on a bed of peppers and onions; Greek lemon roasted potatoes; and roasted carrots (all together, it looked a little something like this). And there was champagne. And there were nuts and berries.1 Dessert, which I sadly did not get a picture of, was chocolate pots de creme. We made Brenda's guy watch Casino Royale, since he hadn't seen it before, and we all managed to stay up until about 12:10.

Saturday, the day looked a lot like the picture here. We did French toast for breakfast, and chicken pad thai for lunch. We knitted, a lot. We played with the tiny electronic devices (a couple of us met World of Goo this weekend. Mmmcrack.) We told stories. We ate poached pears and meringues. We watched A-Team and ate pulled pork. If the rest of my year is like what I was doing on its first day, I'll be a happy girl.

Sunday, alas, was for leaving. We got packed up, did Starbucks for breakfast, and got on the road. Between it being Sunday of NYE weekend and the rain, we hit more traffic than we would have liked, but we made decent time for all that, getting in a bit after 7:00.

Thanks to Jill and Chas for a lovely NYE weekend. :)

1. Chambord, Frangelico, and cream. However, when you have three people who are various forms of dairy intolerant in the house2, you make them with coconut milk.3 And then you may never make them with cream again.

2. The short list of food issues this weekend: lactose intolerance; casein allergy; gluten intolerance; yeast, corn, nitrites, shellfish, and mushrooms allergies. (However, thank goodness, no nut issues). And yet, somehow, we managed to eat like kings. Funny, that.

3. Cans of coconut milk consumed over the weekend: 6.
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