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Oh, internets. I know I should post, because I've had plenty of times lately where I've had to go back on LJ and look for something and I was glad it was there, but oh, the lazy has been in full force lately too.

Christmas was lovely and low-key and nice. Everyone else seemed to like their presents, and I got a pile of things from my wishlist that were vastly appreciated, and some of which have already been put to use (new wrist rest for my keyboard, kitchen scale, reuseable bags from lycantras). There was some good food and good family hang out time.

There was also a lot of snow. White Christmases are rare around here, but, snow we got. A lot of it. Several inches worth. Fortunately, it didn't get really going until pretty late in the evening.

Sunday there was supposed to be more cousin hang-out time, but the snow messed with that. Power being out at our house and my parents' house meant that we invaded my aunt's and uncle's again. We borrowed their microwave and heat and played board games.

Monday Hope and Faith hung out with a friend for awhile, and then I went over and got in some last minute hang out time before Faith had to head home. Hope headed east yesterday to see some friends.

We went down to Durham Friday night and had a lovely birthday dinner for artisanal_xara at Maggiano's.

In between times, I've been working on spring class stuff, knitting, watching Netflix, and playing WoW.
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