Yesterday was a busy day. Hope had an eye doctor's appointment in… 
21st-Dec-2010 09:26 am
Yesterday was a busy day.

Hope had an eye doctor's appointment in the morning. The last time she saw the eye doctor, they dilated her eyes and she was incredibly uncomfortable driving home, so this time around, I drove her in. So, of course, Murphy was on the job, and they didn't dilate her this time. :) I sat in the lobby and read a book and played games on my iPod, so it wasn't a big deal, but it was funny.

Afterward, we raided Chick-fil-a for drinks and fries (free, too; we were using up coupons from last year's calendar), and the manager that was working the counter? Went to high school with Hope.

We ran a couple of Christmas errands and did some grocery shopping for mom, then I dropped her at home and came home myself, grabbed some lunch, picked up Jeff, and headed back out... because I had some paperwork to drop off at the community college that I'd totally forgotten to take with me in the morning. Sigh.

Once that was done, there was some WoW and some house straightening, and then late, we trooped down to RDU to pick up jeni. We got back shortly before the eclipse. When we got back, it was cloudy but the moon was visible. When the eclipse was scheduled to start, it had completely clouded over. We wandered in and out of the house for awhile, peering at the sky hopefully and watching various live feeds, until it became clear that the clouds were not parting. I was in zombie mode by this point, so I went to bed.

I was awake at 8:00. Stupid brain.
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