joyce (joyce) wrote,

Most of the rest of the week is a blur of pushing through class and grading and such.

Friday night we went out to the First Friday Indie Market, which was nice. A friend of ours was out selling, so we chatted with her and looked around and drank some hot cider. We were also underdressed, however, so we headed home sooner than we might have and did salad and whiskeys and cokes for dinner, and watched some In Plain Sight, and got some lovely sleep.

Yesterday, it snowed. For those of you who aren't local, December 4 is freaking early for snow around here. Not unheardof, just early. It started a little before one, and came down all freaking afternoon. It was supposed to be flurries. Luckily, up until yesterday, it's been relatively warm around here, so the roads were warm, so it stuck to the grass and looked pretty but did not make life dangerous. We did finally put on Jeff's snow tires.

We were grateful that the roads didn't slick up, because in the evening, we headed down to Chapel Hill for a house concert with this guy. The show was fun, Hamell was hilarious, and there was good company and good oysters and good cider, and it was a good time.

Today we had the family fall joint birthday party, which was a nice low key time with a lot of food and some good conversation. (My youngest cousin keeps getting cooler.) That was the only good part of the day; otherwise, the day has been about things breaking.

The mechanism that latches my seat when it moves forward and back (important when you're short) stopped latching (luckily, Google told us that strategically applied WD-40 would fix it. Getting it into the right place was a pain in the ass, but it's fixed again.) Pulling the factory radio from the Bug and transplanting the good one in from my old car (the Bug was built before stereos needed aux jacks, back when a 6-disc changer was the epitome of luxury and technology) should have been simple, but it's looking like we're going to have to drop the glove box. My computer picked up some malware from somewhere (I seem to have fixed that, let us hope so). WoW is crashing anytime I try to open it. I have repaired. It still crashes. I've tried to reinstall Burning Crusade. The installer crashes.

However, annoyingist of all, the blower in the furnace appears to have died.

It's 29 degrees out.

(We have a wood stove too, but there are issues with getting the heat upstairs. It's a long story. Maybe later.)

We're going to load up the wood stove, crawl underneath our electric blankets, and go the hell to bed.

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