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It is really gross out there this morning. Chilly, hard, driving rain. Gray skies. I'm glad that when I do go out in it, it will be totally voluntarily.

Thanksgiving was great. I have some pictures that I need to pull off the camera. We weren't cooking all day, everyone got some of their favorite foods in, and just about everything was really good. The turkey was kind of meh - which was annoying, since I've knocked it out the last couple of years - and we've decided that we're doing a turkey breast in the crockpot next year. The leftovers are nice, but we don't really need a whole turkey for 7 people, and the breast will be so much easier to deal with. The fried onions did not turn out as well as they did when I made a test round on Sunday; next year, I'll do those before hand, since frying onions at the last minute in a crowded kitchen worked out okay, but doing them beforehand would have been better.

The parfait tasted great but was runny - I should have found a proper custard recipe or tracked down vegeterian gelatin. However, the flavor was very good, so we'll fix it again next year. The pumpkin pies that I winged came out great (and one of them with crushed GF gingersnaps as a crust; NOMS.) Faith's pumpkin roll looking faboo, and by all accounts tasted great. The GF sausage balls went over well.

In between cooking, we played a lot of board games, as we do. After we cleaned up, we played a round of Scrabble and a round of Catan Dice, and then I headed home. I watched this week's Hawaii Five-o and then mostly slept the sleep of the dead. I've been going through a stage of having incredibly vivid dreams (one dream: which Thanksgiving desserts we fixed was going to affect the actions of a criminal organization), and apparently I was either snoring, talking in my sleep, or both last night [eta: Jeff says both], because Jeff has to tell me to roll over several times. I had an Ellie on one side and Marty on the other side most of the night, so that was nice.

I should make some coffee. We're not sure yet what the plan for the day is.
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