joyce (joyce) wrote,

Yesterday was a lovely day. I had off and Hope had off and Andrew had off, so we converged on my parents' house about 10. There was yet another grocery store trip, there was lunch (Harris Teeter now Food for Life brown rice bread, and it turns out to be pretty good), there were a lot of board games. Faith rolled in about 6, and there were tacos for dinner and more board games. I called off about 9:30, came home, and slept like the dead.

It was a very nice day off. Work's been pretty busy leading up to Thanksgiving, but this past weekend was nice - I cancelled most of my classes this week to give them time to get work done (or sleep, whatever) - so I didn't spend the weekend prepping and grading. We went to a friend's bbq party on Saturday night, but otherwise, there was a lot of lazy. Work was quiet Monday and Tuesday. I'm just about starting to feel relaxed enough to get through the end of the semester.
Tags: family, thanksgiving, work

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