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I love Thanksgiving. It is, hands down, my favorite holiday. Christmas is lots of fun, but... I love Thanksgiving. It's food and hanging out and time off and just all around, a good relaxed time.

This Thanksgiving, I am grateful for my Jeff (and his mom too). I am grateful for my sisters Hope and Faith, and my mom and my dad and my cousin-Andrew-the-adopted-brother. I am grateful for my faecat and my jeni and my lycantras and my artisanal_xara and feebdaed and their wee one and my yesthatjill and flummox. (Yes, you're all mine. Hehehee. :) ) I am grateful for our three adorable furrbutts.

I am grateful for a job(s) doing something I love, that I like, and that I'm reasonably good at. I am grateful that the state budget is holding for the moment. I am grateful that we own our own home (!!) I am grateful that my debts are paid (except the house and the student loans), that there's money in the bank, that I can travel and go out to eat sometimes and buy Christmas presents and help put on a lovely Thanksgiving feast. I am grateful that I have health insurance for the first time in years and that I'm putting by for retirement. I am grateful that I am getting to the bottom of my niggling health and GI issues. I am grateful for my new (to me) vehicle, that gets me back and forth to work every day safely (and that isn't breaking down left and right).

None of this may hold, but I am a lucky lucky woman regardless, and for the moment, extremely blessed.

[eta]: One more thing I forgot: my parents' house is 5 minutes (if I'm driving slowly), from my house. SO SO SO grateful for this. This is the single best thing that could have happened to holidays around here.
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