joyce (joyce) wrote,

Fortunately, doing a mostly gluten free Thanksgiving plan wasn't all that hard; most of what we normally eat is either GF or easily turned GF.

pre-dinner snacks:
- sausage cheese balls (Bob's Red Mill Baking Mix)
- chex mix (mom's grabbed rice and corn chex, and I took her GF worchesthire)
- Utz (GF already. $deity bless Utz.)


- turkey (holy water blessed, etc; no gluten here)
- cranberry sauce from a can
- stuffed mushrooms (spinach and mushrooms and cheese and garlic, noms)
- sweet potato casserole (note to self, check the packaging on the marshmallows)
- mashed potatoes
- sauerkraut from a can
- corn from a can
- broccoli
- gravy (cornstarch)
- mom's pistachio pudding salad (I checked the boxes, and woot! modified cornstarch. Need to find out what else is in this)
- stuffing from a bag (so totally not GF, but I'm not a stuffing person, so it's all good. Maybe next year I'll do sausage and cornbread stuffing)
- green bean casserole (thank you, Pacific Foods, for GF cream of soups, and the internets, for GF French fried onions
- lime jello with cottage cheese and pineapple (eh. Don't know. That's ok.)


- pumpkin pie with splenda and no crust
- pumpkin parfait, minus the gelatin and rum, and with GF gingersnaps
- pumpkin roll (so, so not GF, but that's totally okay. Everyone else loves it. Maybe next year I'll tackle this one. Or maybe I'll just eat more pumpkin parfait)
Tags: thanksgiving

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