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geez. someone remind me not to be living in downtown san jose come… 
6th-May-2001 09:56 pm
geez. someone remind me not to be living in downtown san jose come next cinco fucking de mayo. if i'm insane enough to still be doing so, then someone please remind me to freaking leave town for it? everyone and their brother is out on the streets, getting drunk, breaking glass over all the place, and in general pissing people off.

add into that the fact that 87 was backed up to hell and back (45 minutes to go 3 miles), thus barely getting Chas to the airport on time, and that half the roads into downtown were still blocked off when i was trying to get home, and that i got on IRC to get to listen to the teenage male punks holding forth on some of the "dogs" on one of those "am i hot sites" (they were asking things like "why do some of these chicks bother?" it's like, hello, it takes a lot of balls to do something like that, grow up a bit. how would you feel if someone said that about your sister? idiots. i would have thought better out of at least two of them... ) so i got out of #nomad before i started snarling at someone.

despite a crappy couple of hours, it's been a very nice weekend. friday i got a very needed dose of sushi, yum. saturday we went up to berkeley and walked around for awhile - i got Fluxx, yay, but Games of Berkeley reports that The Great Dalmutti is out of print - then went and banged on Paul's door, looking for people. Chas and Drew and I went ahead and went over to the city, where the boys proceeded to haul my out of shape ass all over the place, including up Telegraph Hill to Coit Tower. gorgeous view, absolutely worth it.

i both do and don't want to know just how many miles i walked yesterday. =]

Misty and Paul came over to meet us in the City, where we then proceeded to have the best Chinese i've had in a long time. Paul told the waitress "We're hungry, no squid, please" and food just started appearing. a lot of it and all very very good. reasonably priced, too, for what we got.

went back to Paul's, where Misty subjected us to "Bring it On". it was better than expected, and there were cheerleaders to drool over, so it could have been worse. it was pretty funny, too, though a lot of that was just through how cheesy it was. =]

today was going to be the Tech Museum here in San Jose, but we bailed on that upon realizing that the Cinco de Mayo party was still going on. instead, we wandered Palo Alto and drove around Stanford and walked around Stanford Shopping Center. we lost an hour in Crate and Barrel, and i'm still not quite sure how.

it was a good weekend. it was nice to see Chas. it was nice to have some company around.

now i've cooled off sufficiently in temper that i think the Tarot reading that i've been putting off will stand a better chance of being accurate, so i'm going to go do that. and work on laundry, and get some sleep....
7th-May-2001 02:47 am (UTC)
Adobe sent out an email to everyone advising them exactly how to go about actually getting into our building during the cinco de mayo celebrations. It involves flagging down a cop and getting an escort to clear traffic.
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