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someday we'll all have perfect wings

So, Peter Yarrow, of the trio Peter, Paul, and Mary (Mary passed away near the end of last year) was playing at the university I work at. For free. Tonight. :)

I drove mom and Val in for it, and the show was a delight. It was also a mob scene - I think the library folks who sponsored the event way underestimated how many people would turn up.1 There were people seated on the freaking stage - somewhere out there, a fire marshall is having kittens.

Anyhow, the man's a genius, and has the stage presence of 10 people, and told stories about singing for JFK, and read a kid's book with one of the kids of stage (we were all dying of the cute), and talked a lot, and did a little singing. I wish he hadn't gotten distracted 3 lines into "Leaving on a Jet Plane" and started something else, but other than that, it was great. :) If nothing else, it was worth turning up to have him imitate Bob Dylan - we were howling.

So, mom was in heaven, Val was happy, and I only got overwhelmed by all the freaking people once or twice, so it's all good.

1. Email before the event: "I saw this was free, but is it ticketed?" "Nope, not ticketed, just come. We're looking forward to having you there." Hah.
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