joyce (joyce) wrote,

I'm not entirely sure where the last week has gone.

We mosty stayed on meal plan last week, other than swapping Wednesday and Friday, and changing Thursday. The baked chicken in creamy tomato sauce was lucious (even if all I could find was coffee flavored marscapone, and so we used cream cheese), and the the slow cooker bbq chicken? Amazing. And dead easy. And very forgiving - I was halving the sauce and put in too much tamari (which I was using in place of the soy sauce and the worchestshire suace) and left out the red pepper flakes (Jeff's mom is spice intolerant) and it was still amazing.

Thursday, Val had picked up pimento cheese and chicken salad while out with my mom, so we did sandwiches and strawberries. Bob bless Udi's.

The only strike-out last week was the ham and corn salad, which was better on the screen than on the plate. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great, either.

So, to eat this week...

Saturday: out for jeni's birthday
Sunday: goulash
Monday: taco salad
Tuesday: chicken satay
Wednesday: baked potato bar: ham, turkey, cheese, cheese sauce, broccoli, onions
Thursday: Val cooks, or chicken apple patties, or kielbasa... we'll see how motivated I'm feeling by Thursday.
Friday: lasagne, because I'm craving dinner at the parents' for dad's birthday!
Tags: meal planning

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