joyce (joyce) wrote,

The meal plan last week got derailed by the cold from hell.

This week:

last night: beef taco salad

tonight: sausage, twice baked potatoes, side salads

Monday: goulash (always the go-to) [need to see if we already have some kind of meat in the house that can go in the goulash; if so, start in the crockpot before leaving for work. If not, hit Rocking F on the way home]

Tuesday: ham and corn salad, minus the croutons (garlic bread on the side?) (new)

Wednesday: slow cooker barbeque chicken, corn muffins, broccoli, oranges (new)

Thursday: Val cooks? or chicken apple sausage and sides

Friday: baked chicken in creamy tomato sauce, garlic mashed potatoes, something green, something fruit (new)

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