joyce (joyce) wrote,

It is fall break. :)

Yesterday, I cancelled my one class (an 11:00 intro class at the university; I knew from experience that, if I got lucky, a third of the class would show up, rendering any material we covered useless, and that by this point, first year students are often pretty fried and could use an extra day off. Besides, for that matter, I needed the extra day off.) We took my mom and Jeff's mom up to the autumn leaves festival in Mount Airy, which was a little longer on vendors and a little shorter on crafts and music than I expected, but everyone seemed to have a good time. The highlight of the day was a small quilt show at the local library, filled with some extremely lovely work. Jeff and I bought raffle tickets, so maybe we'll end up with a quilt. :)

We got some lunch at Barney's cafe (I've decided that the best way to hopefully guarantee not getting glutened somewhere like that is to order things that never possibly have gone near the grill or the fryers, so I had peaches and cottage cheese and a devilled egg, and it was actually just right) (this PSA brought to you by a french fry cross contamination incident a couple of weeks ago) and walked around a bit more, and then we loaded up and came home. It was a beautiful day outside and everyone seemed to have fun, so I'm happy.

We have Monday and Tuesday off from both the community college and the university, and I have some stuff I want to get done, but really, if all I accomplish this weekend is catching up on grading and relaxing enough not to be fried come Wednesday, I'll be fine with that too.
Tags: big blue room, work

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