joyce (joyce) wrote,

It's been a busy couple of weeks.

  • Two Wednesdays ago, we had an artist that Jeff has long liked and admired here to play a house concert. Marian Call plays geeky music (complete with Firefly and BSG references) that is really good, and she's on a 50 state tour, doing house concerts and small shows.

    The show was great; having good friends hang out in our back yard eating food and listening to music was great; it was a good evening. Marian and her accompaist had some downtime between here and their Roanoke show, so they stayed a couple of days. It was good having people in the house.
  • That Friday afternoon, I had anti-suicide training at work. It was good but brain-tiring.
  • Last weekend, I chaperoned a field trip to Pride with the GSA from the community college. We had a good time. It was hot. The parade was short but festive. My charges seemed to have a good time. I met the world's cutest three year old.
  • Yesterday, I took notes at the annual board retreat. Good, productive, tiring.
  • Last night, I hung out with Hope and Faith and the parents. We grabbed ice cream from the creamery and played Scrabbled.
  • Today, I hung out with Faith and Andrew, and played careers and Phase 10, and lost at both. There's been work and WoW and reading around that.

I am glad that fall break is this coming weekend and a couple days after.

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