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So, yesterday I went into work and taught my class (yay Fridays). Jeff came with and got some coffee and read a book while I taught. We hit Harris Teeter for a couple of things, then went for a lazy walk around the Bog Garden, one of our favorite places in town. We ordered some Qdoba from Jeff's phone (their online ordering site is very unmobile friendly, alas, but North Carolina and Chattanooga, TN Qdoba locations are running a deal through Sunday, where if you order online, you can get an entree and regular drink for $5, so...) and went over and ate. (Queso chicken nachos, noms. Qdoba has quick reference allergen info here, and more extensive information with ingredients for everything here.) The rest of the day was spent writing the first stats quiz (version 1, I need to put together a version for the other class this weekend), chit chatting at faecat and Hope, playing Scrabble online with Faith, making falling apart roast for dinner, and playing WoW.

Just what I needed. :)

[eta]: And I'd never noticed that buried way down in the queso recipe is blue cheese. I don't seem to be having any trouble with it, though, so...

[eta2]: I forgot the snake! When we were out in the Bog Garden, we'd been sitting on a bench to order lunch. We got up to walk out of the park and Jeff stepped on a small bridge... and suddenly, part of the bridge sat up, very startled, and slithered away. I think we scared it more than it caught us by surprise, and it was the same color as the bridge and leaves, so, maybe a corn snake?

For all the tromping around out here that I've done, that's the first time I've run across a snake.
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